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The Academy

Our academy brings in a unique "school of thought" when it comes to health and fitness. We care about your health and wellness using mixed martial arts fitness/conditioning and self-defence as our vessels. Not many places have such quality services under one roof!

With every training session with us, not only will you feel you had an amazing workout, but you will also leave learning something practical and fun!


Ara Academy is the proud home of Senshido in the Montréal area. Our instructors have been trained directly under Senshido's founder Richard Dimitri, considered one of the top self-defense instructors in the world. Learn something truly effective in real-life situations. We train realistically, beginning with avoidance & awareness drills and moving towards real-time scenarios & simulations. We also take a holistic approach to self-defense training by developing the "self," through aspects of life such as self-awareness, healthy living, and fear management.

MMA & Conditioning

You don't need to be a pro to train Mixed Martial Arts (MMA). Here at the academy you can train recreationally and to get into shape. Not only will you learn all ranges of MMA such as grappling and striking but you will have fun doing it and pull a great sweat! MMA training provides an excellent full body workout that helps burn fat, build conditioning & flexibility, improve hand-eye- coordination and get to learn fun new skills and techniques.

Some of our students have even entered amateur MMA competitions to prove their skills!

First Team Training Fitness

Want to reach your optimal potential in fitness, strength and performance? Then achieve your goals with First Team Training. First Team is the component of the academy's training that provides pro-level quality training. We even incorporate First Team Training's programs into our warmups in each group class.

It's no wonder our students always feel like they are in incredible shape after each session! Goal-oriented and backed by professional experience, don't you want to be on the First Team?

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